Spring/Summer 2018 Menswear Fashion - the trends we are loving, and losing

Fashion is always an innovative industry. Which is why we love it! Innovation is our game, and we respect the ability to cultivate and curate something new and surprising. The Spring/Summer 2018 lines of many designers have taken a new interesting turn and we are loving some of the trends for this season. Here are some of our favorites:

The 80’s and 90’s are here to stay – we’ve seen a huge influx of 80’s and 90’s trends in the last two years, and it’s not stopping.  No, we’re not saying to mimic your dad in those old family photos, but there are some definite takeaways from these dated looks. Structured blazers, light wash jeans, and muted tones are excellent aspects of the 80’s menswear.

Muted oranges, reds and browns are back in the game.  With our subscription box, you can easily snag some earthy hues and stay on top of the cutting-edge fashion trends in Kansas City and globally. For a focus on the 90’s try going double denim, or adding an over-sized fabric belt. A dark washed jacket and jeans with a relaxed tee underneath is a perfect reminisce of your youth without being overly grunge. And yes, bomber jackets are here to stay so play it up with a matching sock for that pop of color and compliment.

Color-coded – Another great trend this season is the focus on color.  Spring and Summer usually calls for tons of white, but the recent shift towards pink is a breath of fresh air. The blush-pink tone that is everywhere right now has made its debut in Men’s fashion. From Fendi to Valentino and Tom Ford, this warm pink is here, and it is perfect.

Stripes and Plaid – with the burst of 80’s and 90’s fashion at play it has brought with it a heavier focus on stripes and plaids. Heavy, bold vertical strips have been seen across all the major runways, and their festive cousin plaid has been seen in deep muted earthy tones like rusty orange and every shade of brown. This is one of our favorite trends right now due to its versatility. Anyone and everyone can play this one up. From deep earthy bow-ties to striped socks and everything in between we are loving this trend.  

Staying on trend and shopping for perfectly curated pieces can be cumbersome and timely. Trust us, we know. So please, take a break. We know you work hard enough. Let Innovative Menswear be your own personal stylist. We will take care of selecting the perfect pieces and ship them straight to you. From tie to toes we have you covered.

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