How to Be the Best Dressed Guest at a Fall Wedding in Kansas City

How to Be the Best Dressed Guest at a Fall Wedding in Kansas City

Fall is a popular time of year to get married in Kansas City. This means that there’s a better chance that you will be in a wedding or at least attending one (if you’re not the one getting married)!  But dressing for a fall wedding has a different set of rules than a summer wedding. You definitely won’t have to worry about how to stay cool.

More important, however, is that you have the opportunity to inject a bit of season-specific style into your outfit. Whether it’s the with color, fabric, pattern or simply how you match your tie, underwear and socks together!

It’s time to replenish your wardrobe for autumn with these 4 tips to keep you looking great for your next fall wedding.

The Suit

The best thing about fall in Kansas City… you don’t have to figure out how to stay cool, so you can actually have a little fun with your suit. Try to add something with a darker color or with a subtle check pattern. That is pretty much the ideal fall suit, and will help you stand out from the crowd of solid blues and greys. But remember, you don’t want to upstage the groom, after all.

The Tie

With your tie, you want to keep the color palette a bit darker. Think dark blues, burgundies, greens- your basic autumn lineup. You want to make a statement with your tie.

The Underwear

The underwear sets the tone for the day, and the day’s outfit, so your underwear should match your suit! Boxer shorts could work, but you don’t want a huge fabric bulge taking all the attention away from your fabulous attire.

The Socks

Socks are more courageous these days. While you may not see it one most people, their socks match their tie and underwear! It is a must!

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